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Michiko Aizawa

Artist / Illustrator

I am interested in the structure of thinking in unconscious.

I will prepare the material in my head and draw it as if assemble it.

I am aiming for a clear expression that will make viewers refreshing.




Born in Mie Prefecture and raised in Saitama Prefecture

Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Science of  Design





2018   “Brain Crafts COCKTAIL TAIL" (Galley bar HAKU / Tokyo)

           “Motif of M" (Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery / Tokyo)

           “Halleyaka" (the Kawagoe Scala-lobby / Saitama)


2017   “Blue Tropics" (DESING FESTA GALLEY WEST / Tokyo)

2016   “Treats" (Sendagi kuukan / Tokyo)

Group Exhibition

2019   “12 month sunny day exhibition" (atelier SUNNY DAY / Tokyo)

           “Human museum 2019" (Tambourin Gallery / Tokyo)

     “The 36th The Choice Award Exhibition" (Yamawaki Gallery / Tokyo)

2017   “Flower viewing exhibition" (Galley bar HAKU / Tokyo)


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2019   21st 1_WALL 1st screening passed

     The Choice Annual award selected (illustration / gebkousha)

2018   The Choice #209 selected (illustration / gebkousha)



2018「Brain Crafts  COCKTAIL TAIL」1 coin gallery&bar HAKU/ 東京)

          「Motif of M」新宿眼科画廊 / 東京)

    「はれやか」  川越スカラ座ロビーにて / 埼玉)

2017 「青い熱帯」  ( DESING FESTA GALLEY WEST / 東京)

2016  「ごちそう」 (千駄木空間 / 東京)

Group Exhibition

2019 12ヶ月のサニーデイ展」(atelier SUNNY DAY/ 東京)

   Human Museum 2019」  (Tambourin Gallery/ 東京)

   「第36回ザ・チョイス大賞展」(山脇ギャラリー/ 東京)

2017 「花を観る展」(1 coin gallery&bar HAKU/ 東京)


2019   第21回 1_WALL 一次審査通過

           玄光社 illustration / 第36回ザ・チョイス年度賞 4位入賞

2018   玄光社 illustration / The Choice 第209回 入選 (大原大次郎さんの審査)

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